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Win 2 Big Bertha Original XXL Bean Bags. Join Manchester’s Comfy Revolution.

Our friends at Big Bertha Original Bean Bags have been reinventing comfort for a while in Manchester so its about time we introduced you to the benefits of the bean. In fact we have a couple of the Big Bertha Original XXL bean bags up for grabs in our latest giveaway. They’re ideal for gaming, reading or even sunbathing (might have to hang on a few months for that, but you can use these inside with the heating turned up until then :))

Although These XXL size canvas like beanbags can be adjusted into various positions as required our favourite are (in no particular order);

  • The Slab, which is great for sunbathing on.
  • The Lounger, which wraps you up in blissful comfort, perfect for just relaxing.
  • The Gamer, which sits you in a more upright position great for watching tv, playing games or chatting to friends.
  • The MancMade, great for “resting your eyes” when the kids are watching crappy American TV

To check out all the features of the Big Bertha Original XXL Bean Bags (and there are loads….) visit the Big Bertha Original site

Win 2 x Big Bertha Original XXL Bean Bags

We have 2 Big Bertha Original XXL (160cm Length x 140cm Depth) Bean Bags  to giveaway, a black and a yellow one. To Bee in with a chance of winning these you need to enter our giveaway at the bottom of the page. One lucky winner will receive both the bean bags.



Don’t forget, you have several chances to win this prize if you decide to choose all the options that are listed on Rafflecoptor (the established, trusted plugin we use to run these giveaways and one which allows us to choose a random winner). Each option you choose, i.e. follow on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc, etc, count as one entry. So more chances to win….

All your information is kept private, as per our Privacy Policy, so don’t worry about that.

Good luck.

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  1. Helen Hodgson

    I’d love to win because the Big Bertha’s would be perfect for my son’s room – for his mates when they are ’round’ our house !! I could ‘borrow’ them for Christmas as well

  2. Lynn Heath

    I would love to win a XXL beanbag as they look super comfy and would be perfect for the kids rooms when they are playing video games

  3. lorraine kirk

    We have just made a summer house using scrap materials. These would be great to relax in on those nice sunny Autumn days 🙂

  4. s entwisle

    I would love to win these ive wanted them since i was a child but my parents couldnt afford them and now im a adult but i cant afford them either.

  5. Chris Andrews

    Please tell us why you’d like to win 2 Big Bertha Original XXL Bean Bags in our giveaway. . . . . to give my grandsons somewhere fun and funky to sit

  6. Lorna Ledger

    For my lovely teenage daughter, she has worked hard at college this year and got a distinction, and she would LOVE this! I can imagine her lounging around on it! Thanks for the chance

  7. rebecca smith

    they look perfect for when all of the family are round chilling out, no fighting over the sofa i think they would be fighting over these there fantastic!

  8. Jules Eley

    Being a large family of 6 we always run out of seating, I know the kids would love one of these and it would be hard to get them off it.

  9. Claire glace

    There is not enough room for all the family to sit on the sofa,s at the same time, so family evenings would be so much better with these………..many thanks

  10. Sanam Ali

    This would be perfect for when i am reading my book so i can sit comfortably and my children would love them too as they would sit on them whilst watching movies

  11. Kim Jackson

    We moved house recently and our sofas are a little worse for wear at 5 years old. These would be perfect for the living room.

  12. Gail Reid

    I’d love to win to have one on my bed (bedbound and it is so difficult to get the right position) my friend has a big beanie and says they are brill. The other one would go to my most excellent young carer daughter who has just moved into The Big Bedroom after her brother went off to Uni a month ago. She’s worked hard getting the Boy Smell out of the room and now is making it all girlie 😎

  13. Tina Hewitt

    I would love to win these, I have never got enough seats when my family visit and these would be perfect. They look really comfy too so I imagine the grandchildren will be bickering over them

  14. Kerry Kilmister

    My daughter is a total bookworm. She loves curling up and reading her books. A bean bag would be so cosy for her whilst reading her books x

  15. Edward Guerreiro

    I’d like to win because I think my niece would love sitting on a giant beanbag. She is still small enough that she could completely fit on one.

  16. Amanda W

    id love to win as my sister in law has one at hers and every time i go round there i love relaxing on it! its soooo comfy and the kids love it too! there fave game with it is to jump onto it from the sofa!!! little monkeys they are!!

  17. Mary H

    I’d love to win these for my boyfriend and me. We’re currently using the floor and this look waaaay better than a conventional couch.

  18. Jo Carroll

    Do you know when you first get home and just want to collapse into something that will cradle your aching bones perfectly? …well failing finding George Clooney there wearing a pinny this is surely the next best thing? 😉

  19. Juli Savage

    Firstly they look very very comfy to relax in, great for watching movies or reading whilst relaxing in them, Im sure there will be fight over who gets to sit in it

  20. kayleigh Robinson

    I’d absolutely love to win these for my kids. They would love to have one in their rooms. They could chill out after school in style!

  21. Chris Bull

    I’d love to win them for my living room, extra seating but especially good for flumping on with books to read with the grandchildren 🙂

  22. Naomi Buchan

    I would love to win becuse they would be fab for sitting reading, watching films, gaming, pretty much enhancing any relaxing activity x

  23. claire

    my 2 girls have just had their bedroom decorated so more grown up and got their first tv and games consoles, they keep moaning they have nothing to sit on down so these would be amazing thanks

  24. T Brailey

    I have a large family and there is nowhere to place my bum.
    All the seats are taken by those who think it’s fun.
    I would have the last laugh having Big Bertha on my side.
    It would be the best seat and somewhere to place my hide.

  25. Wendy Jones

    Well to be honest we do have 2 small sofas. But when the grandchildren visit we seem to need more seats. These would be perfect for when we need those extra or just for me to chill knitting

  26. Jenny Barker

    I need this in my life I have the most uncomfortable sofa in the world ( gift from the mother in law who bought a nice new comfy sofa for her self) I cant buy a new sofa as then we would seem ungrateful ( hope she doesn’t read this :0) ) these would be great who needs a sofa then!!!!

  27. Lindsey Smith

    I would love these for my kids to sit on outside our caravan as they are always complaining how uncomfortable the chairs are 🙂

  28. William Gould

    Thary would be great to keep in our living room in case of visitors as we only have 3 seats! I end up standing while our guests are here!

  29. caroline tokes

    I always wanted a bean bag from being young but my mam would never let me get 1 still want 1 now but not got round to getting 1 yet

  30. Leanne Perrett

    i would love to win this for my kids they love building forts inside and outside and these would make great additions to there little dens 🙂

  31. Lauren Stebbings

    I would love to win because everyone else in the house has “their chair”. Hubby has claim to the sofa, kids have their places, even the dogs get their own place! I need Big Bertha to give me my place to squidge and chill 🙂

  32. Ruth Carson-Byrne

    I’d love to win these so my wife could use on to chill on while playing on her PS4 and I could chill on one while reading.

  33. shelley jessup

    I can not get enough of luxury comfort & I’m a big fan of relaxing – these are only a couple of reasons why I’d love to have one of your bags!

  34. joanne casey

    I’d love these Big Bertha bean bags to put in our conservatory that my two teens use when they have their mates round or are just chilling out, they’ve both asked for bean bags in there and these look perfect!

  35. jo liddement

    My son always seems to sit on the floor to watch the television so instead of using a cushion to sit on one of these wonderful beanbags would be perfect.

  36. Anneka Avery

    I’d like to win the big Bertha bean bags because I have fibromyalgia which causes me a ton of pain… the bean bags would enable me to be super comfy whilst needing a rest… also my car is called big Bertha lmao 😂

  37. jo louise ogden

    because when my daughters got her freinds around they just end up sitting on the floor these would be so much better for them

  38. Emma chapman

    These looks incredible I’d love to win so me and my disabled son as were both disabled can spend more quality time together as we both have a form of muscular dystrophy these would be great when we want lie or sit on floor and best bit is the fact we could be comfortable outside which I never thought possible

  39. Beverley Cousins

    My daughter has just moved into her very first own home & being like any home, it takes time to furnish, so instead of sitting on a little cushion when i visit, i’ll have a amazing comfy beanbag! Plus it would be very handy for her when friends come around..

  40. matt allison

    I’d love to win these as when the other half, kids and dog take up the sofa’s i can relax in comfort on these and not share!!

  41. Vicki-Anne Smith

    I’d love to win as they would make perfect gifts for my other half and his brother – they love online gaming and these would go down a storm!

  42. Laura Whittle

    We’re changing out kiddies playroom into a family room and these would be perfect for chilling on, reading on and playing on the games consoles as a family x

  43. Fiona Johnstone

    I saw these on holiday and they are so comfy to sit outside to sunbathe or read. So if I won that would be my plan. Need a good summer though.

  44. Eva Trelfa-Milek

    My eldest daughter has just asked for books this Christmas. She is getting harder and harder to buy for. (typical teen!) So these fabulous beanbags would be wonderful for her room for her to be comfy on when reading her books! the perfect combo!

  45. Debbie Hawkins

    I would love to win these for my two sisters. They would be ideal for their living rooms and I’m sure their children would love them too.

  46. Lydia Graham

    We’ve got 3 large dogs who have claimed he sofa (it is one that was bought for them) but this means we have to have bean bags for the children (they like bean bags). They would love the XXL bean bags, it would be one downstairs to watch films and another upstairs when they are playing games

  47. kayleigh white

    I would love to win one because I’ve been after one for a while, plus, my pregnant niece (who lives with me), is taking up far too much room ion my sofa, so I can sit on this, or kick her onto it!

  48. Lila B Taylor

    i’d love to win one so i could snuggle up in front of the fire in a lovely comfy beanbag with all my dogs around me. they look so comfortable!!

  49. Marion

    The house is too small for our growing family. Our children have partners now and grandchildren are coming along and there are never enough chairs. These would be wonderful, several children could sit on two XXL beanbags. Problem sorted!

  50. Lucy Zelazowski

    These fantastic Bean Bags would be the life and soul of the party in my son’s bedroom.
    When we have family fun nights, they will be brought to the living room as extra sitting. Just because we don’t have enough chairs but we want all the fun 😄

  51. Leeanne Clifford

    Ive got 2 prolapsed discs in my lower spine, and although it’s gotten slightly better with hydrotherapy, I do find it difficult to get comfy when I’m watching the telly. I bet these would be quite cosy!

  52. Marina Owen

    It would be perfect for my son’s bedroom. He’s having it redecorated before Christmas and he needs a bean bag. This would be just awesome for him to lounge on.

  53. Hayley Colburn

    They would be great for the kids to have one each in their bedrooms, plus we can take them outside for a nice relax when the Summer comes back around

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