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Voices From The Streets. My Dear Child by Shudehill Phil


Voices from the street will features poems and messages (originally hand written, on paper, card, whatever was available at the time) from the Manchester homeless community living rough on the streets of Manchester. Each tells its own story and is an insight into how another human being feels in tough times.

All the poems were bought by Ged Austin (aka The Urban Poet) who wanted people to read them. Collected over a number of years many of the people who wrote these poems and messages have disappeared from the streets. Some have managed to get off the streets, some have moved on, Ged believes (from making his own enquiries) some have died from issues arising from their time living on the edges of society.

These poems and messages represent a moment in time. Many are in no way an easy read, others express a degree of hope that completely belies the situation they were in when they were written. They deserve to be read and MancMade is proud that Ged has entrusted us with getting them out into the public domain.

Ged Austin is a Manchester author and poet who has been helping the Manchester homeless community for many years. Ged is involved with numerous outreach projects on the streets including art exhibitions that display the paintings and poems of people with homeless issues. Ged raises money for provisions that homeless people themselves ask for.

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