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The Tech Manchester Meet The Mentor Event. Right Time, Right Place?

As the Tech Manchester “Meet the Mentor” event  is nearly upon us (4th October at the UKFast Offices) I was interested to see how preparations were coming along. As the success or failure of the whole initiative is dependent on the type of Mentors who sign up, and having a personal interest as a potential Mentee, I was more than happy to accept an invitation to observe one of the Mentor training sessions.

Now in the interests of full disclosure its probably worth saying that I was asked to become a Mentor. After a lot of thought I decided that it wasn’t something I could fully commit to based on the fact that at the moment I’m completely committed to growing the MancMade community. Another reason for attending was to to see what I could expect from a group of Mentors preparing to offer their time and experience in order to help people like……….me. Also, in the same spirit of full disclosure, I was also wondering if I’d actually have a go on the UKFast slide this time. I didn’t..

I’m not going into everything that was discussed in the training session (well over 3 hrs) as I’m sure it will be changed and refined as time goes on and more feedback is received from both Mentors and Mentees. It was a starting point, a very well organised, useful and informative one, but a starting point all the same. I was very interested in gauging how the Mentors engaged with the process and their reasons for wanting to be involved. I was also keen to see if, out of the 12 Mentors sat around that table, which ones would have the experience that I think I need to tap into to in order to help me grow my business.

Now I say experience because I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that everyone there genuinely wanted to help someone else make a success of their business. Some of them had obviously been involved in big business and could definitely wear the “been there, done that” t-shirt.  Others were currently working for household names in senior management positions, some were running relatively new-start businesses themselves. But all of them, in my opinion, came across as very willing and more than able to offer the right Mentee a very human resource to call upon in good times and bad.

Personally, I would say that at least 3 of the Mentors there last night have the experience I need in order to grow my own business. Whether or not we would find more of a connection when sat face to face is not as easy to predict. They might even be Man City fans (not a problem by the way, I’m very open minded like that.).

So when it actually comes down to it, the decision as to whether or not finding a Mentor with Tech Manchester will work for me, or you, is pretty simple. Go to the Tech Manchester site, fill in a Mentee profile then register for the “Meet the Mentor” event.

In a world where success can be measured by the decisions you thought you’d never make (no one knows my business better than me!! Sound familiar?) finding the right Mentor, with the help and support of Tech Manchester, could very well be the best decision you ever make for your business. Oh, and its completely FREE #NoBrainer

Hopefully I’ll see you on the 4th October (I’ll be stood by the slide..)




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