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Lock, Stock & 2 Lots of Chips & Gravy. From Page to Screen in 48hrs at MAP48.

Ext – Chippy, Manchester – Bright Sunshine (CGI) Day

(Voiceover: A mix of Terry Christian, John Henshaw & Benedict Cumberbatch)

“As far back as I can remember, I always wanted 2 lots of chips and gravy”

Some films just need to be made. We’re still working on our masterpiece so all you budding actors, directors, writers and editors can’t rely on us. You need to get out there and do your own piece of work. Use your own ideas though, 2Lots™ is ours.

In fact your opportunity to impress the ever growing Manchester based film production industry could be a lot closer than you think, thanks to the guys over at the Manchester Actors Platform (MAP). Don’t worry though we’re not getting involved this time so this is your chance to get noticed. We’re in that difficult rewriting phase. Bloody writers…

MAP48. Friday 26th August 2016, 6pm

£20 pp (about the same price of 2 lots of Artisan Chips and Gravy in Altrincham!!)

You will meet at MAP HQ (an absolutely stunning space, soon to be Manchester’s premier arts venue. More of that to come in an upcoming post) and teamed up; actors, directors and writers will be placed together at random, given one prop and set loose. Their aim?

Create a film in just 48 hours, containing the prop, the actors and a whole lot of speedy work, using music of your choice (no Kenny G), using the contacts you have in your circle of friends to provide the equipment and skill and anything else you have at your disposal.

As the clock ticks on, the footage must be passed to an editor (or a friend with the skills to edit!) for them to lay over the tracks, fix the mis-haps and finally, lay in those all important credits, before submitting the finished product at 7pm Sunday for screening, judging and the awards MAP have the wonderful Leon Ockenden, Chris Green and Karen Henthorn on the panel!

It’s all about creativity, originality and style, which pretty much sums up Manchester, so make sure you have at least one Mancunian on your team. If any Americans do turn up, remember, it’s not just about you, we invented acting, you lot invented the hotdog.

There will be special awards for ‘best actor’, ‘best use of prop’, ‘best writer’ and ‘best edit’. This could be a chance to practice that Oscar speech (no tears though, no one likes a mard-arse)

Find out more about the MAP48 event.

In fact, if you’re any good there’s a great Manchester based gangster film involving chips and gravy on the horizon. How much of an incentive do you need??

Check this out…



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