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A Chance for 2 People to Win a His or Hers Manchester Bee Company T-Shirt, If You can be Mithered.

If there was a bank for the “quantitative easing” of cool, it would be in Manchester. Manchester has always believed that “cool” should be available to all and when you have as much as we do it makes sense to spread it around a bit.

The Manchester Bee Company are certainly doing their best to spread the message with their fantastic range of Mancunian infused products, all available to buy on the Manchester Bee Company site. There are plenty of things to like on that site but at MancMade we have fallen for Piffy on a Rock (although their second album was a bit disappointing).

The good people at the Manchester Bee Company are right behind our mission to “Spread the Cool” and have very kindly offered a couple of their T-shirts as a prize in our latest giveaway.

The T-shirts are emblazoned with phrases that will make you the coolest person in the room, EY AR/YONKS/PIFFY ON A ROCK/MITHERED (although we cant offer a cast-iron guarantee on that front because some people need more than a T-shirt, maybe a Manchester Bee Company key-ring as well!!!).

There will be 2 winners in this giveaway for a “his” and “hers” style T-shirt up. The winners can choose which style, colour and phrase (EY AR/YONKS/PIFFY ON A ROCK/MITHERED) they want. The T-shirts take approx 2 weeks to make and ship.

You can enter this giveaway at the bottom of the page.

Don’t forget, you have several chances to win this prize if you decide to choose all the options that are listed on Rafflecoptor (the established, trusted plugin we use to run these giveaways and one which allows us to choose a random winner). Each option you choose, i.e. follow on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc, etc, count as one entry. So more chances to win….

All your information is kept private, as per our Privacy Policy, so don’t worry about that.

Good luck.

piffy on a rock

yonks male

mithered female

ey ar

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