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Manchester Based Actors; Display your Showreel on

We’re proud to offer any support to the huge number of talented actors helping to make Manchester a world class hub for the creative arts. We’re also lucky enough to see some of these actors close up but appreciate that not everyone can. Hopefully we can change that…

If you’re a Manchester based actor and would like your showreel to be listed on this site just add #ReelManc to your post on Twitter. Your post should be picked up by Twitter and listed on the #ReelManc page on this site. In order to keep the #ReelManc timeline curent it will add new posts as they’re listed, so older posts will need to be refreshed in order to stay listed on the page.

If you also add #mancmade to your post it will be listed (for a time) on the #mancmade page on our site as well.

For our part, once we have a few showreels listed on the #ReelManc page we’ll do all we can to share and promote on social media. All we ask is that if you get work on the back of our efforts and this results in you winning an Oscar, you mention us in the speech. Deal?


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