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Leesa Mattress Discount Code. The Luxury Mattress Helping Manchester to Sleep Better in More Ways Than One.

We want MancMade to become a community platform where Manchester talent, whatever that talent may be, can show the world what it can do.

If you are trying to make a positive change in your life, follow a dream or just make shed loads of money then great. Who is anyone to judge you or your reasons? Add #mancmade on your Twitter or Instagram posts and we’ll spread the love.

We also want MancMade to promote the positive side of Manchester.  It’s a great place but far from perfect and we have our fair share of idiots. But whinging about the negatives won’t improve a thing and it’s taken us a few years to realise that.

We’ve never really thought about writing a mission statement for MancMade but we think this is pretty good;

“Don’t be an idiot, be nice and if you can, give something back to the city we all love. You’ll sleep better.”

The problem is that there are far too many people in our country, and a growing number in this city, who can’t take a good night’s sleep for granted. The number of people who seem to be homeless, when not a week goes by without some new “luxury development” being announced, does not reflect well on our city.

That’s our opinion and to be fair it doesn’t matter what we think, it matters what we do.  So we’re hoping that MancMade will help to shine a light on the many individuals, charities and companies that do Manchester proud.  This post is about some of them.

Manchester based Leesa, an online luxury mattress company, are giving something back. On Monday 21st March they donated 62 of their luxury mattresses to Mustard Tree.

Mustard Tree is committed to providing life support for people who are homeless and marginalised by opening doors to better futures with sustainable solutions, including work readiness and skills programmes.

With a retail value of over £15,000, the total donation of 36 single mattresses and 24 double mattresses will help Mustard Tree meet the most basic of needs of those it serves – the need for a better place to sleep.  A portion of this donation will be distributed to Betel UK, an addiction recovery program that works closely with the Mustard Tree to help transform lives.

Leesa, which was started in the USA and still has its head office there, has a strong company ethos of giving back to the community.  It has been operating the Leesa One-Ten programme, donating one luxury mattress for every ten sold, for a number of years across the US and Canada.


David Wolfe, co-founder and CEO of Leesa Sleep, who was brought up in the North West himself, feels especially humbled to be making the first donation of the UK One-Ten programme to charities based in Manchester.

He stated, “It’s the extraordinary professional staff and volunteers at organizations like Mustard Tree who are the real heroes. Leesa has only just entered the UK market from the US and I’m humbled to be able to make our first UK donation in the North West where I grew up. Leesa mattresses are changing peoples lives. Our customers tell us that they’ve never slept better and they are moved by the fact that someone somewhere, who otherwise would not have a comfortable place to sleep, is sleeping better because they chose to purchase a Leesa mattress.”

We think it’s great that companies like Leesa are willing to take a hit on the balance sheet in order to make life a little more bearable for others.  They don’t have to do it.  It might offer them a decent bit of PR, it probably helps to generate sales, but so what.  They’re being nice and giving back, so if you’re looking for a new luxury mattress, we hope the following will be of interest.

Leesa have very kindly given Manc Made followers the opportunity to save £50 and receive a £30 Amazon eGift card if they use our exclusive MancMade Leesa Mattress Discount Code.

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If you do buy a mattress from them then I’m sure you’ll sleep better.  In more ways than one…..


If you would like to read a review of a Leesa Luxury Mattress in a Box please click here.


About Leesa

With offices in Manchester, Leesa is an online luxury mattress company with a wholly owned subsidiary in the UK called Leesa Sleep Limited.  Mattresses sold in the UK are made locally in the UK and delivered directly to homes using a delivery system that is an innovative as the mattress itself. With 28 years of experience of designing mattresses, Jamie Diamonstein (co-founder) has created a mattress using the latest technology and materials that adapts its feel to bodyweight, doing away with the need to choose between firm, medium or soft. The Leesa Mattress adapts to your individual weight and sleeping style so two very different shapes and size partners can share a mattress with each experiencing an almost perfect feel and with almost zero movement transference. Customers describe their Leesa as “dangerously comfortable… with just the right amount of softness and firmness.”   The mattress comes in all standard UK mattress sizes with European (IKEA) sizes coming soon. They feature three layers of high quality foam: a perforated Avena™ foam top layer that offers airflow and a cooler night’s sleep; a memory foam middle layer that provides body contouring and pressure relief; and a strong foam base that provides stability, durability and core support. Leesa mattresses also feature a beautifully designed, seamless four-stripe cover that is woven from one piece of polyester-blend fabric. All Leesa mattresses ship straight to your doorstep within three to five business days. To avoid the awkward shop experience, Leesa offers a 100-night risk-free trial, free shipping, and free, no-hassle returns. Leesa operates an industry leading social impact program through which it donates one mattress to a shelter for every ten purchased. For more information, visit the Leesa website

About Mustard Tree:

For over 20 years Mustard Tree has been a Greater Manchester based charity committed to providing life support for the homeless and marginalised. They support communities where ‘poverty and disadvantage remain a key challenge’ and where ‘levels of unemployment and economic inactivity are amongst the highest nationally’ (Manchester Poverty Commission, 2013). For those facing homelessness and the greatest disadvantage, Mustard Tree seeks to open doors to a better future. Their involvement begins with the provision of life support such as providing emergency food, clothing and furniture and quickly progresses to sustainable solutions which is offered through their work readiness and life skills programme, the Freedom Project. They aim to improve the life skills, resilience and well-being of their clients so they have the choice and opportunity to move into employment, training or volunteering.

For more information, visit









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