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John Ludden, Author. Welcome to Manchester.

Welcome to Manchester: John Ludden

“Manchester: This city is for me a perfect place to dip in and out for stories. Legends made real as the years go by. Every alleyway or backstreet leading to mystery and intrigue. Rich in history and characters. Dramatic, good and bad.

Be it a red or a blue, families divided through football. It’s not a northern thing, it’s a Manchester thing.

But a city united in talent.

So full of characters in every pub or workplace. Friendly rogues, villains, men and women with huge hearts. Reciting the wordsmiths for the price of a pint. No need for a juke box just a happy hour.

Come the evening the laptops light up and gone midnight with the many bottles empty, poets and writers, most never published. But lost and driven in the beauty of the written word. Be it a lyric or a sonnet. Something magical exists in the Mancunian air.

Never boring is my Manchester. I love this city.”

Sir Matt Busby and The Decline of Manchester United 1968-74 A Novel by John Ludden (right)
Sir Matt Busby and The Decline of Manchester United 1968-74
A Novel by John Ludden (right)


John Ludden was born and raised in Moston, Manchester. He is a freelance journalist and was originally inspired to write by the likes of the great Hugh McIlvanney. He has gone on to write several acclaimed books on the game including A Tale of Two Cities: Manchester Madrid 57-68, and   ‘Once Upon a Time In Naples’ about Diego Maradona’s time in Italy. Soon to be the basis for a forthcoming documentary by  SENNA director Asif Kapadia and Playmaker films.  John’s work has been translated into several languages.  Inspired by ‘The Damned United’, ‘From The Stars’ is John’s first major fictional work although it is based on the historical facts of Manchester United between May 1968 and April 1974.

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