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28 Reasons Why Signing Up For The Google Digital Garage Might Help End Homelessness In Manchester

The Google Digital Garage offers FREE tutorials on everything from improving your website to online marketing and much more in between. You can just pick the topics that appeal to you or if you fancy getting a certification from Google and IAB Europe you can choose to complete the whole course.

Now our friends at The Business Growth Hub have done a canny deal with Google. If you click on the link below and then decide that you fancy signing up for some Google Digital Garage tutorials then the guys at Google will get off their beans bags, take the slide to the accounts department and roller skate over to the nearest PC. They will then send a whopping £28 to the Mayor of Manchester’s Homelessness fund.

So if we all sign up that’s a shed load of opportunities coming the way of some people who really need a helping hand. It’s not about charity anymore, it’s about providing a lifeline to the vulnerable who may not survive another winter. This arrangement really does give a whole new meaning to the phrase “you live and learn”.

I’ve given you 28 reasons to at least check this out but I’m sure once you see what you can learn from The Google Digital Garage you’ll come up with a few more yourself…

Click this link for more info about (and to sign up for) The Google Digital Garage





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