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Golden Curtain…..A Manchester Autumn

And so October rolls back into town. Autumn’s golden curtain starts to fall as summer, all too fleeting, ebbs once more away. This morning’s wind is no longer playful, seeming instead to possess a renewed sense of vigour. Its resolve has hardened overnight; from here on its determination will grow as it returns day after day to pluck at the leaves, to tear them ruthlessly from the trees and begin to sculpt the barren, skeletal landscape of winter.

Yet as the sun sinks low and the cold skies darken we should not despair. For we can no more halt the coming season as we can the grains of sand that slip remorselessly away through the timer of our lives. Instead we should embrace the inevitable, we should rejoice in the wonders Nature’s changing world will bring. The crystal clarity of a frost-bitten morning, air so clear it cleanses with every breath; the return of Orion to stand watchfully o’er us as we slumber in our warm and cosy beds, bowstring drawn in eternal aim at his celestial quarry; the rediscovery of old friends gathered once again by the familiar fireside of a welcoming tavern.

Always remember we only pass this way once. Though it’s sometimes hard, life is for living – we’re all blessed to be here, on this amazing earth, right now. Don’t dwell on the passage of time, instead contemplate the awesome power of nature, hold friends and loved ones close and always remember – the darkness will pass.

Matthew Corrigan 26/09/2018

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