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Flick Does Fame, An Immersive Film Screening at 53Two

How many chances do you get to dance on top of a taxi in Manchester, wearing your best leotard and leg warmers, without getting tasered?

Just the one….thanks to Flick and 53Two.

On the 17th August our favourite venue, 53Two, will be transformed into the New York School of Performing Arts by Flick, the immersive screening guys building the fun around film in Manchester.

On the night you’ll be able to enjoy;

Fame (1979) Film Screening

Street Food, provided by Eat New York

Triple Threat Cocktails

Music, Dancing, Immersive Performances

Probably NOT a taxi…. Just pretend. You can still wear the leotard and the leg warmers though.

Dress Code: Vintage Gym Chic

For tickets and more information, head over to


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