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The Fancy Dress Wheel of Destiny. Inspired by the work of Stanley Chow.

It seems that the day has come where I may have to bite the bullet and attend a fancy dress party, in fancy dress. No longer will I be the “protest vote”, the one person trying to hang onto the collective dignity of my fellow over 40’s. Several invites have landed on the doorstep from close friends, all of which are fancy dress, none of which are optional. I’ve had a good run but sometimes you have to take one for the team. I may have succumbed but that doesn’t mean I’ve completely sold out. If I’m going in fancy dress then it will be on my terms.

Whilst looking for inspiration online I came across the artist Stanley Chow, a fellow Mancunian. Stanley produces some fantastic retro caricatures, many of which hark back to my younger days. The days of only three TV channels. The days when only the middle classes would get involved in the murky world of fancy dress. Stanley’s work would be my inspiration.

I give you “The fancy dress wheel of destiny. Inspired by Stanley Chow”. Characters that had an impact on how I looked at the world growing up in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Which probably explains a lot looking at it, but that’s for another day.

fancy dress montage

One rule. One spin, no second chances. If destiny want you to go to the fancy dress event of the year dressed up as an Ewok then that’s what you do. If you have to go as Pigsy from Monkey (try explain that one to the kids) even if your hosts are vegetarians then that’s what you do.

I spun the wheel. I took my chances. Does anybody know where I can get a chest wax, a case of protein shakes and a three foot sword?

To create your Fancy Dress Wheel of Destiny or to take a look at Stanley’s fantastic work visit the Stanley Chow website.


The Fancy Dresss Wheel of Destiny is inspired by my visit to Stanley’s website. It has not got anything to do with Stanley, other than me using his fantastic caricatures to make the pain of attending a fancy dress party more bearable. Thanks Stanley.




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