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Beyond Flesh and Blood. The future of Manchester is in the hands of Pixelbomb Games

Just off Princess street in central Manchester, located about 200 feet below the surface, lies a little known remnant of the cold war. The Guardian Exchange was constructed in 1954 and was designed to protect communications and the chosen few in the event of a nuclear war. The facility, including its six miles of interconnecting tunnels was decommissioned in the late 60’s. As mans ability to produce more devastating weapons technology progressed it became obsolete as a nuclear bunker a long time ago. But is was never demolished…..Thank God.

Now imagine this. It’s 2281. You’re in a Manchester left devastated after the Global War, 180 years earlier. You’re fighting for your life against a horde of alien scavengers whose only wish is to separate your head from the rest of your body. You need to use all your skills to complete your mission. The city that you have only read about in the history books will either become your graveyard or your salvation. You need to think, you need plan your next move. It’s chaos on the streets of Manchester, rivers of blood run down Deansgate, Albert Square is a killing field, even the PrintWorks is going off.

Where would you hide?

Fighting for your life in a future Manchester might not be a problem that has entered your head recently, but later on this year, Manchester based independent games developers Pixelbomb games hope to change your mind.

Beyond Flesh and Blood is a graphically intense (bloody) 3rd person shooter game based in a Manchester that looks very, very different but strangely familiar at the same time. The images I have seen look fantastic.  Imagine the fantastically apocalyptic art of James Chadderton. Now imagine that you can immerse yourself in a similar, interactive environment, fight aliens and blow things up. I have.

MANCMADE EXCLUSIVE: A re-imagination of the top of Deansgate/Peter Street crossing with the Great Northern on the left
Sinclairs Oyster Bar. I think they’re off.

For a more detailed description of Beyond Flesh and Blood and information on the creative team behind it I would strongly recommend that you visit the Pixelbomb games website. These guys are looking to challenge the perception that a small but perfectly formed group of talented, independent games developers can’t take on the established studios. Manchester is known for it’s great revolution, hopefully Beyond Flesh and Blood will be the beginning of a new one. Good Luck guys.

In the unlikely event of an alien invasion (zombie apocalypse, financial meltdown, pandemic etc,etc,) I would also suggest that you think about finding your safe place.  I’ll meet you at the Guardian Exchange. Last one in remember to shut the door.

omou background
Last time I visited the Guardian Exchange there was little going on apart from a number of workmen entering the secure courtyard from a company called Underground Global Resources (UGR). Maybe they know something we don’t.

Thanks to Jane at Pixelbomb Games for supplying the images, especially our exclusive.

Beyond Flesh and Blood should be available for Q4 2015 on Xbox One, PC, Linux & Playstation.

If you’ve still got that Commodore Vic20 or ZX Spectrum you might have to wait a little bit longer #staystrong


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