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MancMade™ is an established brand, business and creative platform which is continuing to go from strength to strength. We have a combined social media following of circa 20k people who not only follow our feeds but actively engage with the brand and our events. We have worked hard to establish [ … ]

Golden Curtain…..A Manchester Autumn

And so October rolls back into town. Autumn’s golden curtain starts to fall as summer, all too fleeting, ebbs once more away. This morning’s wind is no longer playful, seeming instead to possess a renewed sense of vigour. Its resolve has hardened overnight; from here on its determination will grow [ … ]

Tainted Love, The Manchester Derby by John Ludden

Have you ever been to party that’s rocking splendidly? The vibe is wonderful, everyone is having a great time. The Music is cool, infectious, the booze on tap, fine wine, sausage rolls not canapés. Barncakes not baguettes. (Don’t mention muffins). Mancunian shiny happy people holding hands. And then, they walk [ … ]