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Every single day since MancMade was launched, we’ve seen, read or listened to something that has made us fall in love with Manchester a little more. It’s such a thrill that people are happy to share their creations with us and we in turn get to share them with the people who visit our site and follow and engage with us on social media (as of July’2017; 7,100 Followers on Twitter and 3,600 on Instagram).

By adding #mancmade to your posts on Twitter and Instagram you’ll be helping us to promote Manchester talent, products and places. A city that, although not perfect, has firmly established itself as one of the most admired, dynamic and creative in the world.

We’re especially keen on building an audience for all the new and emerging Manchester talent, whatever that talent may be. So to all Manchester talent; the photographers, artists, musicians, actors, writers, poets, crafters, manufacturers, entrepreneurs and innovaters. Add #mancmade or tag @mancmade in your posts on Twitter and Instagram and we’ll share (as will an ever increasing number of MancMade supporters), promote and support on social media and this site.

Everyone’s a Winner

The main aim of the giveaways on MancMade is to highlight the talent of the people donating the prize and, hopefully, get people using #mancmade in their posts. The more people that use #mancmade then the bigger our community grows.

But one of the real pleasures of getting people enthused about Manchester talent is when someone wins the giveaway and is really, really pleased with the prize…..


A couple of fantastic prints by The No71 Legend Rooms
Two amazing prints by Exvista
A luxurious, handmade leather wallet by WrightBower



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