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Win A Little Red Original. Wearable Manchester Art That’s Heads Above the Rest

At MancMade we get to see some truly original art but the wonderful work created by Rita at A Little Red Original has truly blown us away.

It’s a totally original way of looking at something which seems to have become synonymous with Manchester. You don’t need to keep this art at home either, you can take it with you, like wearing a Lowry on your head.

What is this amazing addition to the thriving Manchester art scene. It’s a Bucket Hat. Surprised??? Why, this is Manchester after all.

Each hat is “born” in North Manchester and is individually painted by Rita. Every hat is truly unique.

From kids sizes to adult, from showerproof to UV glow in the dark, your perfect “Little Red” is there if you look for it on A Little Red Original site.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll look as cool as the hat, but you’ll look cool wearing it and we’ll take cool by association any day of the week.

Below is just a small example of the ones we really like.

hats montage



Rita from A Little Red Original has very kindly offered MancMade one of her fantastic creations as a prize in this giveaway. The winner will be able to choose any hat from the A Little Red Original site.

MancMade will contact the winner when the giveaway has ended to confirm which hat they would like and we promise not to be jealous…..



You can enter this giveaway at the bottom of the page.

Don’t forget, you have several chances to win this prize if you decide to choose all the options that are listed on Rafflecoptor (the established, trusted plugin we use to run these giveaways and one which allows us to choose a random winner). Each option you choose, i.e. follow on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc, etc, count as one entry. So more chances to win….

All your information is kept private, as per our Privacy Policy, so don’t worry about that.

Good luck.


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  1. Sadiyya Maryam

    I would love to win one of these unique hats for my daughter. She is a real wannabe artist and has such a quirky personality avd it would be perfect for her and her dad is from up North!

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