Win A Little Red Original. Wearable Manchester Art That’s Heads Above the Rest


At MancMade we get to see some truly original art but the wonderful work created by Rita at A Little Red Original has truly blown us away. It’s a totally original way of looking at something which seems to have become synonymous with Manchester. You don’t need to keep this art at home either, you … Read more

A Chance for 2 People to Win a His or Hers Manchester Bee Company T-Shirt, If You can be Mithered.

mithered female

If there was a bank for the “quantitative easing” of cool, it would be in Manchester. Manchester has always believed that “cool” should be available to all and when you have as much as we do it makes sense to spread it around a bit. The Manchester Bee Company are certainly doing their best to … Read more

Manchester Talent. Promoted by #mancmade, Supported by You.

mancmade montage new

By adding #mancmade to your posts on Twitter and Instagram you’ve been promoting Manchester talent (especially new and emerging talent), much of which does not normally get that kind of support and coverage on social media. Thanks to you; #mancmade is currently one of the most popular Manchester related hashtags* MancMade is in top 0.1% … Read more

Lock, Stock & 2 Lots of Chips & Gravy. From Page to Screen in 48hrs at MAP48.


Ext – Chippy, Manchester – Bright Sunshine (CGI) Day (Voiceover: A mix of Terry Christian, John Henshaw & Benedict Cumberbatch) “As far back as I can remember, I always wanted 2 lots of chips and gravy” Some films just need to be made. We’re still working on our masterpiece so all you budding actors, directors, … Read more

Capture Your Manchester with Yelp & Win Some Great Prizes. #capturemcr


One of the great pleasures of running MancMade is reposting some of the amazing pictures that are tagged #mancmade to our Instagram account. Many of the images reflect the personalities that help to make up this hugely diverse city.  Whether it’s the pictures quickly captured on a camera phone on a night out or the … Read more

Win a Signed A3 Print by Paul Grogan Photography. More than Manchester…


I think we’ve been pretty vocal in the past about how much we love the images of Manchester which Paul, of Paul Grogan Photography captures. I do think though that in the last giveaway we tended to focus too much on the Manchester images we really liked, rather than show some of the other brilliant … Read more

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