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Win a Signed Copy of “Bella Boggarts Butty” & a Signed Character Illustration

Following on from the huge success of their first book, “The Boggarts of Boggart Hole Clough“, cousins CK Smithson and G Sullivan have just published their second, “Bella Boggarts Butty”. Come and join the fun in this, the second in the Boggarts of Boggart Hole Clough series. Here we find Bella Boggart trying to make

£5 Tickets (RRP £12) for Previews of “When Both Sides Surrender” on 15/16th November. It’ll be a Riot.

The good people at Manchester’s most versatile (we prefer “fu****g amazing”) arts venue, 53two, have very kindly offered MancMade followers the chance to snap up some “mates rates” tickets for the preview showings of “When Both Sides Surrender”. This offer is on a strictly first come, first served basis so don’t miss out on what

Win a Stunning Stephen Millership Print of Manchester’s Iconic Cornerhouse.

Stephen Millership is a Manchester based freelance Illustrator who specialises in artwork influenced by the golden age of the travel poster, but with a modern twist.  Stephen’s work has been used by the National Trust and many other Museums and Galleries including the London Transport Museum and the National Museum of Scotland. He has also

2 Chances to Win a Mybikeandi Tote Bag, T-Shirt & Cycling Cap.

Within a few minutes of talking to Neil Porter it becomes pretty obvious that he is extremely passionate about cycling, fashion and his adopted Manchester. Originally from Northern Ireland, Neil’s career working for a number of high street fashion retailers introduced him to the place he now calls home. It was while working and living

Win A Piece of Festive String Art Lovingly Made by String Theory. Strings Attached, Obviously.

String Theory create beautiful and unique string art. Emma and Simon, the owners of String Theory Art, create and stocks the most popular pieces as well as encouraging requests from customers for custom pieces. So no matter what the occasion, birthday, wedding, house warming or Christmas the only limit as to what they can create

Win a Smokey Carter Gift Set. MancMade Gets Saucy.

Howard Carter is a eCommerce Executive at On the Beach. By day, office responsibilities see him regularly updating and measuring website content. By night Howard runs his own business, with his wife Samantha, producing and selling their own dry rubs, sauces and spices. Since 2012 Howard and Samantha Carter, who live in Manchester, have developed and manufactured

Win a Limited Edition Print by Simon Buckley. Not Quite Light at London Road Fire Station.

There are lots of stunning building in Manchester, one of the many benefits of living somewhere that has such a rich and varied past and a constantly evolving future. It can be an uneasy alliance though. For that reason alone it’s important that we keep a record of how Manchester is changing because little by

A Chance for 2 People to Win a His or Hers Manchester Bee Company T-Shirt, If You can be Mithered.

If there was a bank for the “quantitative easing” of cool, it would be in Manchester. Manchester has always believed that “cool” should be available to all and when you have as much as we do it makes sense to spread it around a bit. The Manchester Bee Company are certainly doing their best to

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